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Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Network (HKEVN) 於2016年成立,致力推動香港使用電動車。曾經與香港生產力局合作研發便攜式充電器現時主要銷售不同類型的充電設備。我們相信透過我們的產品和服務能有效推動電動車普及化,同時亦為香港電動車車主帶來優質的充電體驗。HKEVN 是電動車車主的最佳拍檔。

Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Network (HKEVN) was founded in 2016 and is an innovator in electric vehicle charging. Our goal is to boost the adoption of EV in Hong Kong.
We support the growth of EV in Hong Kong by bringing innovative, high quality and cost effective charging solutions to EV drivers. HKEVN is your best charging partner.

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