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Tesla 軟體更新: 盲點警告和自動折疊側鏡

Tesla 最近發佈軟體更新 (版本 9 2019.4), 為其車輛增加一些新功能, 包括盲點預警和自動折側鏡。 Tesla 將逐步推送到選定的客戶。

Tesla 在發佈新聞稿中寫道:

Blind Spot Warning Chime

When making a lane change, you can now turn on an audible chime to warn you when a possible collision with a vehicle or obstacle is detected in your target lane. To enable the blind spot warning chime, touch Controls > Autopilot > Blind Spot Warning Chime

Auto-Folding Mirrors Based on Location

Your car can now automatically fold and unfold the side mirrors based on location. This saves you from having to manually position your mirrors each time you arrive or leave a frequented place (such as narrow garages, tight parking spaces, etc.).
To set up, go to Controls > Quick Controls > Fold and select Always Fold Mirrors at this Location. The next time you approach a saved location, your mirrors will fold. When you leave the location, your mirrors were will unfold. If your car is equipped with HomeLink, you can also integrate auto-folding mirrors with your garage. To enable, go to HomeLink > Auto-Fold Mirrors when Nearby.

和以往一樣, Tesla 將分批發布軟體更新, 可能需要一些時間才能到達所有車輛。

另外此更新似乎並不包括看守模式 (Sentry mode)狗狗模式 (Dog mode)

資料來源: Electrek

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